SApCom Eco-SuperRigClean

SRC (Eco-SuperRigClean )

Eco-logix AQ2000 Eco-SuperRigClean is specially formulated for rig cleaning and maintenance on land sea rigs, ship decks, bilges and engine rooms. It has non-ionic surfactant compositions and nutrients to accelerate bio-degradation of hydrocarbon, and has no flash point. Eco-SuperRigClean does not require pre-soaking or pre-washing, it can be used directly or with 1:5 up to 1:10 dilution rate. It can be diluted with sea-water or portable water, thus saving time and increase productivity. It is the most suitable product for rigs and ship use.

Eco-SuperSpillClean & Eco-SuperRigClean

Floor cleaning demo 1

AQUAQUICK 2000 Rig clean +

Weatherford -AQ2000

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