In the presentation below we are telling the story behind the AQUAQUICK products, we also explain about the applications you can apply with the AQUAQUICK products. The training video is only 1 minute and should be paused per slide in order to follow the training. Within the training we will guide you about the history of AQUAQUICK 2000. We also will introduce you to the established AQUAQUICK firmas around the world. We will give you a better insigth about the technical data and benefits of AQUAQUICK 2000 & AQUAQUICK 2000 SP.

AQUAQUICK 2000 is a biological surfactant/dispersant/degreaser that creates a micro emulsion by breaking the molecule structure of the hydrocarbon molecules.
AQUAQUICK 2000 makes a dispersion of all animal-, vegetable-, mineral- and synthetic hydrocarbons, like oils, greases, fats, fuels, etc. The product also contains a blend of special nutrients which makes sure that the microorganisms and bacteria, present in sewage system and environment, grow explosively and completely biodegrade the emulsion of AQUAQUICK and hydrocarbon pollution in to harmless substances like CO2, H20, Biomass and energy.

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