Since 1998 AQUAQUICK 2000 is market leader in the Netherlands for the Dutch Fire Brigades (Solving calamities on road surfaces after oil spills). In 1999 the company name was changed into Van Beek Eco Products by, and since then the AQUAQUICK products were produced and marketed under that name.

In May 2003, PT AQUAQUICK ASIA was established in Indonesia, to market the AQUAQUICK products in Asia, Australia en New Zealand.
In the second half of 2004 PT AQUAQUICK ASIA opened a blending factory in Indonesia and is in charge of the production for the above mentioned regions. Today AQUAQUICK 2000 is being produced under the name AQUAQUICK EUROPE which has been established since 2010.'

AQUAQUICK 2000 is being produced in the Netherlands by AQUAQUICK Europe. AQUAQUICK Europe is located in Haaksbergen, Netherlands. AQUAQUICK Europe is subsidiary of AQUAQUICK Global which is holding the world wide rights for manufacturing, distribution, and marketing of the AQUAQUICK products line.

It does not contain solvents, alkalines, or strong acids, therefore it is completely safe for the user as well as the environment. Thanks to the unique composition of AQUAQUICK 2000 it also does not affect or damage rubber, plastic, paint, metal, textiles, wood, coatings, or any other co-polymer in any way. The special nutrients in AQUAQUICK 2000 stimulate and accelerate the growth of micro-organisms that are capable of full biodegradation of oil spills in environmental situations. for more information about

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