When it comes to prevention of drainage spills contamination, it is important that you get top quality and a reliable product that will help you efficiently and conveniently. AQUAQUICK 2000 offers excellent products that will help you in drainage spill application while helping you save time and money.

Why Carefully Manage Drainage Spills?

As a company owner, you are perfectly aware that oil spills cost your business tremendously. Hence, this requires you to get expensive cleaners as well as oil-skimming equipment while paying extra personnel just to clean the mess up. You also settle health and medical bills, damages, fines as well as other liabilities.

But don’t worry, we are here to help you manage this kind of problem cost effectively. When you choose to integrate preventive measures as well as reliable equipment in stopping oil spills, you will surely avoid high costs and hazardous impacts on your business.

Under our SApCom services department, we will provide you with suitable solutions such as:

  • Ship and Marine
  • Oil and Gas
  • Power and Energy
  • Machinery and Fabrications
  • Food Industry
  • And other related industries

Why Work With Us?

As your dependable business partner, we will assist you in protecting your drainage systems from accidental spills which can significantly contaminate your entire system. When it comes to spill containment, you are completely aware that it contains oils, chemicals, and sewage in a barrier. You need to assure that it is safe and well maintained in order to make sure that everything is okay with your business. Here are some advantages of managing your drainage system with AQUAQUICK:
  • Eco- and user-friendly water-based equipment
  • Ideal use as surfactant, degreaser, dispersant, or even as fire extinguisher
  • Suitable to remove and biodegrade mineral, animal, vegetable as well as synthetic fats, greases and oils
Another thing that you must not take for granted is that, industrial wastes can drastically cause major environmental damages once they enter storm water systems. It is very important that you carefully and regularly check your drainage system in order to keep your business as well as the environment secured from any potential harms especially from chemicals such as oil. Most companies in the industry are using harmful chemicals in order to run their businesses and are needed to make sure that no chemicals or other pollutants will be released in storm water systems. Be one of the companies that support in maintain the quality of our water around the world.