AQUAQUICK 2000 MPC is a revolutionary, water based cleaning product, that is composed out of ecological materials and plant extracts. The product is very suitable for the elimination of all animal, vegetable, synthetic and mineral oils and greases (hydrocarbons) in a 100% environment friendly way. AQUAQUICK 2000 MPC contains special nutrients that create an explosive growth of the bacteria en microorganisms that are present in the environment. These bacteria normally require a carbon source for their metabolism process to grow and to multiply. Therefore these bacteria are capable in converting the AQUAQUICK / hydrocarbon emulsion in a biological way in to harmless components such as CO2 (carbon dioxide), H20 (water), Biomass and energy. This is an aerobe (consumption of oxygen) process.

Thanks to the special composition of AQUAQUICK 2000 MPC, it is harmless in use and does not cause any particular health risks. In the minimum dilution rate (2%), AQUAQUICK 2000 MPC is to be considered as non-toxic to aquatic organisms (IMO regulations). Also AQUAQUICK 2000 MPC does not affect or damage metals, plastics, paints, coatings, rubbers, etc. Before use, AQUAQUICK 2000 MPC has to be diluted with water (both fresh and sea water can be used) in a dilution rate from 1:50(2%) up to 1:600 (0,17%).