The most efficient way to clean pipes is chemically based. This is to eliminate dirt, mill scale and greases that are used as rust preventatives. This is also vital to remove any foreign materials that could lead to maintenance and operating problems, which include damage to rotating equipment and plugging, as well as corrosion resulting to the reaction of scale with the process environment. Effective pipe cleaning is also vital to remove welding slag.

One of the most effective chemical cleaning methode for piping is degreasing. The usual procedure would be to meticulously clean the parts through close circulating detergent and hot water. Parts containing higher concentrations of grease and hydrocarbons will, most probably, require solvent cleaning.

Surface Treatment, Spray Washing and Degreasing of Pipes

The degreasing and washing process is conducted by spraying alkaline and hot water, acid or neutral detergent solutions at pressure onto the types in order for the materials to be treated. The pressure jets, as well as the degreasing effects of the solution’s mechanical action guarantee optimal elimination of any form of contaminants on pipes.

Degassing process

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