Eco-logix SSC ( Eco-SuperSpillClean )

SGO, Eco SuperSpillClean

Eco-logix AQ2000 Eco-SuperSpillClean is specially formulated for shoreline, beach, land, sea spills and soil treatment of hydrocarbon contamination cleaning. It has non-ionic surfactant compositions and nutrients to accelerate bio-degradation of hydrocarbon, and has no flash point. Eco-SuperSpillClean does not require pre-soaking or pre-washing, it can be used directly or with 1:5 up to 1:10 dilution rate. It can be diluted with sea-water or portable water, thus saving time and increase productivity. It is the safest product for shoreline, land, sea, low level depth spills, soil washing, and soil remediation use.

Soil cleaning from oil spill

Cavite oil spill august, 2013

Heavy oil stained floor

Guimares oil spill in philippines

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